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Windows XP Clean Installation


You will see the following screen once you boot from the Windows XP CD. You will first need to press Enter to get started.

Installing Windows XP

You will then see the licence agreement, to accept it press F8

Windows XP Licence Agreement


You will see your hard drive, it should say un partitioned space. Press Enter to select it.

Windows XP Install Partition Select

You will now see a screen asking what file system you would like to use. I recommend selecting "Format this partition using the NTFS file system"

Windows XP Install Format Partition

You can now set back for a while and relax while Windows installs. You will see the following screen while it is copying files.

Windows XP Setup

After about 15 minutes and a few reboots you will see a screen saying welcome to windows and asking you to click next.

Windows XP Setup

Once you click next you will need to enter your full name. On the next screen you will need to enter your product key, this should be on the package that your Windows CD Came in.

Windows XP Product Key

Next you will need to enter what you want your computer name and administrator password to be (it is important for security reasons that you enter a password).

Windows XP Setup

You will now see a screen that asks you for the date, time and time zone, once these all filled out you can click next. Click next once more to accept the typical network settings. The next screen will ask you to make this computer a part of a workgroup or a domain. If this is a computer at your house than you can leave "Workgroup" in the field and click next, if this computer is at a business than you may have a domain, if so you should ask your system administrator for the domain information.

Windows XP Workgroup

Once this is done you will a box telling you that it is adjusting your resolution for optimum performance, click ok and then click ok on the following box. You will then see a welcome screen, you can click next on this screen.The next screen will ask you if you want to protect your computer, select help protect my computer and then click next. If you are asked to activate windows you can select yes and click next. You can say no to registration. You will then need to enter each persons name who will be using your computer. You will then see a screen that says "thank you" You are now finished installing Windows XP.

Windows XP

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