Create a Custom Tailored LogMeIn MSI


I have had a few people ask me how to make a custom logmein MSI so that you can use Log Me In's free remote support utility and have the end user download a small MSI file that contains your information for your logmein account. This way once the person installs the msi it will automatically point it to your logmein account. Please let me know if this was helpful and if you have any problems.

This can all be done using free utilities. The first piece of software that you will need is called IS Pack by Inno Setup. It can be downloaded here: ISPack

Once this is installed you need to download the following files:


Next open the file LogmeInSetupGeneric.iss with ISTool by going to file-open

Next download the LogMeIn installer from LogMeIn.msi

Create a folder called LogMeIn in c:\

Put the AddWinUser.exe, and the LogMeIn.msi in the LogMeIn folder that you created.

Next open the LogmeInSetupGeneric.iss file by double clicking on it.

You will need to change #define FilesDir "D:\Download\LogmeinSupport" to #define FilesDir "c:\LogMeIn"

The following entries need to be modified with your info

Replace the text in quotes with your information

#define MyEmail ""-Needs to be your email address that you used to register your LogMeIn account

#define MyPassword "myaccountpwd"-This will be your LogMeIn account password

#define UserPassword "userpwd"-This will be the security code that you will use to connect to the remote system. If the person has a account with a password then you will need to use that whenever you try to connect to their system, this has no effect on this entry though, it will not give them a error is they do have a account with a password.

The following can be change if you would like.


This is the default and all that it does it asks for a password when the person tries to extract your custom MSI. If you want it for security reason you can make the password whatever you like, if you don't want the person to be prompted then change the Encryption=false.

Once you get your file complete you will want to save it by going to File-Save As

You will then need to build your custom MSI package by going to Build and then Compile from the menu.

Once it is done building it will create a MSI file called LogmeInSetup in the c:\LogMeIn directory.

Note:You do need to have a LogMeIn free account for this to work. If you do not have one and would like to try this you just need to register for a free account by going to