How To Remove Antivirus 2009 Spyware

There is a fairly new virus/spyware that is out on the Internet, it is called Antivirus 2009. There are a few different variations of it, but all of them are rather difficult to remove. Some signs that you are infected with this virus/spyware include:

  • Being unable to update your antivirus
  • Not being able to go to or another antivirus/antispyware website
  • If you install Malware Bytes or Spybot and the program will not open then you are infected with Antivirus 2009

Don't worry, even though it is a tough one to get rid of I have created a step by step tutorial on how to remove Antivirus 2009.

To begin you will need a few free utilities, all whihc can be downloaded from the software section of this web site.

The first step that you will need to take is to disable system restore, you can do this by right clicking on "My Computer" and going to "Properties" You will see a window open as seen below.

Disable System Restore

You will need to click on the "System Restore" tab and then check "Turn off system restore" You are now ready to scan your computer. Once you download AVG Anti-Rootkit you should disconnect your computer from the Internet.

The first utility that you will need is call AVG Anti-Rootkit You will need to download and install this, once it installs it will ask you to reboot, once you reboot open the program again and click "Search for rootkits"

AVG Anti-Root Kit

You should remove anything that it finds. Once this step is done you should download the following utilities and run each of them using the full scan options and remove anything that each of them find. You will need to reconnect your computer to the Internet long enough to download and update the following software. These can all be found on the software section of this website.


Adaware 2009

Spybot Search and Destroy

Once you have ran each of these utilities and have removed everything that they have found you can connect your computer back to the Internet. You should now be able to update your antivirus as well as other security related software programs.