How To Fix A Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes you may notice that your Internet connection seems slower then it once did. This is very common and can be easily fixed. With a few minutes each month you can prevent Internet slowness with just a few simple steps.

  • Unplug your Internet equipment.You may have more of less equipment than is mentioned here depending on your home network setup. If you have High Speed Internet, you will have either a cable modem, a DSL modem, or a satellite modem. Whichever you have, unplug the power cord from the back of your modem. If you have more than one computer in your house than you more than likely have router to split the high speed connection so each computer can connect. If you have a router (typical brands include Linksys, Netgear, or D-Link) remove the power cord from this unit as well.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging all of your equipment back in
  • You will need to plug all of your equipment back in, but this needs to be done in a specific order or your Internet connection will not be reestablished. First you need to plug in your cable or DSL modem and wait for the lights on the front to become solid green (this could take as long as 2 minutes), next you need to plug in your router if you have one and wait until the lights turn solid green ( this could take up to 30 seconds).