How To Change The Boot Order In The BIOS


There are 3 primary operating systems that you may want to install, once you decide which is best you can prepare your computer for the installing of your operating system. To start you will need to go into the BIOS by either pressing the DEL, F1, F2 or F10 key depending on your motherboard manufacturer. You will see a screen when you first turn the computer on that will say press DEL, F1, F2 or F10 to enter setup. Once you are in the BIOS you will need to look for the section that says "boot order." You will instruction on how to move devices up and down, you need to make sure that CD/DVD is at the top of the list. Here is a picture of a Phoenix BIOS, one of the most popular BIOS on the market.

Phoenix BIOS Setup Screen You will need to select the Advanced BIOS features by using the up and down arrows and then pressing Enter to go into the Advanced BIOS features.





You will then need to scroll down to the first boot device and use the + and - keys to select the CD ROM device. Once you do this you need to hit the escape key and then select the save and Exit button.

You now need to insert your operating system CD ROM. You will see a screen that says "press any key to boot from CD." Once you press any key it will start to install your operating system. Please select one of the following links depending on your operating system to finish the installation instructions.

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7